Technical Specifications


Buildings facades in precast panels coated with white and beige gravels, anodized bronze aluminum frames with laminated, reflective and thermoacoustic green glass.


Double floor to floor high entrance lobby, coated in porcelain, granite, glass and Corten steel; Independent access for visitors’ and users’ vehicles.


Headroom between 2,67m and 3,80m
Provides 1,276 easy access parking spaces distributed along ground floor and underground: 1,006 parking spaces in wich 42 are parking spaces for lowcarbon vehicles, 31 disabled parking spaces; 1 parking space for chartered buses, 4 trucks, 32 Service Vehicles and 202 for motorcycles; Also has bike racks for 42 bikes and cyclists’ locker rooms.

Standard Floors

Floors’ ceiling height: Floor to Floor - 3,75m, floor to ceiling - 2,75m; Lining: Office area prepared to receive modular thermoacoustic lining; Raised Floor: Office area prepared to receive raised floor with a height of 15 cm; Lighting: Common areas with high-performance fluorescent lamps or LEDs. Office areas ready to receive high-performance fluorescent lamps or LEDs; Toilets: 1 male toilet and 1 female toilet per floor and expected installation of 4 private toilets per floor and / or pantries; Floor load (capacity): 500 kg/m around the central core and 300 kg/m on the remaining offices areas.

Ground Floor - Common areas

Inner gardened square, water mirror and living areas; 5 stores in the building’s ground floor facing the inner square; Coated in porcelain, granite, paint and acoustic lining; Loading and unloading area for chartered buses; two loading and unloading docks for trucks.


Total of 14 elevators with destination selection control call; 8 social elevators for 21 passengers, 4 service elevators for 21 passengers and 2 dock elevators for 8 passengers.

Air conditioning

VRF air conditioning in common and private areas, ducted and individualized by office with central automation system.


Infrastructure for the telephone switchboards and access to several telecommunication operators.


Medium voltage input for common areas and low voltage input for private unities and stores; Individual measure; Emergency generator for one elevator per tower and emergency lights.


Reuse of rain water for garden irrigation.

Detection and Fire Fighting

High end security system of fire fighting and prevention with audible and visual alarm system; sprinklers; smoke detectors, hydrant and extinguishers; Pressurized staircase with two hours fire resistance capacity, with smoke extraction and fire doors.

Building automation and supervision

Managed items: air conditioning, lights, elevators, generator, fire detectors.

Personal and property security

Access control system and patrimonial security, monitoring central with CFTV system, security alarm, ordinance with 24 hours surveillance and security, turnstiles and gates.

USGBC Certification

*USGBC Pre-certified development as LEED Certified.

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